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Should You Let Your Friend Sell Your Home

Should You Let Your Friend Sell Your Home?

Perhaps you have a friend that is an experienced agent and you have a comfort level that you can discuss your needs and preferences

 Or you have a friend who has just gotten in to real estate, and they need experience, and wouldn't you like to be their first guinea pig?

If you were having brain surgery, would you trust the surgeon who has extensive experience or would you like to know that surgeon is now operating on his first patient, You.

Let's face it, selling hour home is a major event with significant factors involved. It is emotional, you are leaving the neighborhood you love, it is financial, you need all the money you can get out of the sale of your home.

Let's talk about the Cons, and there are many.  they may not be  experienced. If your friend is just starting out as a real estate agent, hiring them may not be the best idea. You need and deserve an experienced agent. Don’t put the friendship at risk by hiring someone just because of a friendship. They need to gain experience with regular clients before working with friends. They may not know the neighborhood.

Whether your friend,  the real estate agent is experienced or relatively inexperienced, they might not know your neighborhood that well. Real estate agents generally specialize in a couple of neighborhoods. If your friend doesn’t specialize in yours, he or she  may not know selling points, such as the reputation of local school districts or plans for parks. You need a realtor who knows the neighborhood.

They may not know your needs and preferences. Just as a friend might know your personal preferences, it’s just as likely that they may not when it comes to housing. Worse yet, they may assume they do. Perhaps you’ve chatted about your love for all different types of homes while you were having lunch.  That doesn’t mean you want to buy one! A friend might think they are doing you a favor by pointing toward a listing you’d never pick in a million years. It might fracture the friendship.

Real estate sales can be difficult. You may find you need to upgrade your house to sell in a reasonable period, that it’s worth much less than you expected or that your favorite garden feature is turning off prospective buyers. Real estate agents tell sellers things like this all the time. The economic and psychological news might be bad. You might feel burned, or your friend might.

Can your friendship withstand it? It might be better to have a neutral person instead. You may feel guilty about making decisions that benefit you. Real estate sales can also be unpredictable. What if events occur that make you rethink your initial plan in ways that won’t benefit your real estate agent, but benefit you? We’re talking events such as, for example, deciding not to sell until the market rebounds, or declining offers.

A real estate agent profits when you sell. If you decide not to, will you feel guilty? As you can see from the pros and cons, deciding whether to let a friend sell your house is not a clear or easy decision. Only you and your friend know the level of expertise and strength of relationship involved. Consider these pros and cons, and then make the best decision for your home sale and your friendship. Remember this, you can fire your REALTOR, firing your friend could be a lot more difficult. When the dust setlles, selling your home is a big financial decision, where emotions should not be a major part of the final decisions made.

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